Sway streak’s on a break.

I have to say that my sway streak seems to be a taking a break. When I say taking a break means, things that happen to me like yesterday:

I brought lunch to work. And usually when I bring lunch, I always bring my own utensils as well. And of all days I forgot to bring my spoon. So I thought nvm, there is ALWAYS lots of forks and spoons in the kitchen pantry. But then could you believe, for some reason, there was NONE yesterday (like they knew I was gonna forget my utensils and hid all utensils away to enjoy seeing me “suffer”) They were only lots of knifes.

I was even contemplating eating my fried kway teow with a knife. But then eventually I manageed to scavenge and find a plastic fork which totally saved my day. So now you get what I mean when I say sway-streak is taking a break… haha..


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