I have to continue updating my blog everyday la. Jap blog also dead for months already, need to go get it revived. Sway streak is still lingering with random small swayness happening everyday as usual.


Like how I walked all the way to this juice outlet during lunchtime (and it is a very famous franchise in Aus with over 100 outlets) and for some weird reason they were actually closed! And it was an outlet in city and during lunchtime. Like super weird. Probably they knew I wanted to drink it so they closed it -_-


At work, I was happily drinking my Green tea and then I accidentally spilled on the keyboard. Like alot of green tea. Not only the tea spilled, even the leaves, so the stem and stuff were stuck between the keyboard. I had to quickly recover and revive it before the keyboard died. Thank goodness, it did not die because I managed to get as much water out of it in time. -_-


So I tried to take a photo of a Merlin poster I saw. And for some reason people just keep standing infront of me and blocking me -_- I had to wait until finally I took the photo, but later in the day when I wanted to upload it, I realized it was gone lei! Like so mysteriously gone from my phone! 😦


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