The jacket I shouldn’t have bought

Yesterday I was thinking if I should buy this jacket since it was half priced. After much contemplation, I decided to get it. I bought a couple of other stuff as well so I paid for it and checked my receipt since I was charged more than what I had mentally calculated. Then I realized that the “genius” cashier had charged me full price for the jacket!!

So I went back and told the cashier and after speaking to managers etc, I was told that since I pay by card, it would be a tedious and long process(may take weeks) for my refund. So I was told to pick out any other outfits worth half of the price.

Wth man. The main reason I decided to get it becuase it was half price, only to be charged full price! I know I was asked to pick out anything for the other half of the price but seriously I couldn’t find anything I liked at all. (Since obviously I already bought all those that caught my eyes) So I just picked out something worth that price that I didn’t even like much anyway. So annoyed lor. I mean I could have saved that much money and bought a couple of other stuff instead.


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