Bridge to Terabithia

Ok I started on some stupid movie called The truth about average guys. I think it’s some kinda budget homemade film or something, but it like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz really bad! So, I decided to watch other movies while watching that. I watched two episodes of Merlin followed by The time traveler’s wife. It was nice and yet abit sad. Then followed by Bridge to Terabithia. And I dunno if it was the atmosphere of the sadness from the previous movie but personally I find it very sad. (´д`) I think I forced myself to watch more of the other stupid movie, towards the end, so that I wouldn’t cry or something.

I dunno if I find it sad because I never really watched sad ENGLISH movies (since they are romantic movies anyway so I don’t even bother watching them.) This is one of the very few sad English movies I’ve seen along with Marley & Me and A Walk to Remember. Yeah I think that are all the sad movies I’ve ever watched or at least those that I remember now. Ok seriously need a life since all I’ve been blogging about are either on dramas or movies.


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