British dramas are awesome!

I haven’t been able to login to blogger for days now. Infact I have been using an iphone application to post my posts. As the app itself is very limited, I cannot post videos,pictures, update entries, layout or anything. All I can do is make just update a new text post. I hope blogger really rectifies it’s problem soon. Edit: Finally could login to blogger proper and add in some images ahaha.

Anyway I have heard so much about Doctor Who, a british sci-fi and the series starts as far back as 1963!! Then it went on a 16 year hiatus and resumed again in 2005. So many people has been saying how interesting it is, so I also wanna watch it. Here they air Dr Who too and infact within a week of being aired in UK itself. I thought of catching up from 2005 onwards. Hmm maybe can ask my brother in Sg to start dwl for me ahahahaha.

Currently watching another British fantasy drama, called Merlin. Probably may have heard of it because they show it in many countries incl Malaysia and Singapore. I have season 1 and 2. I know Season 3 has aired finish in UK but they are showing it here now. I have to say as a fan of fantasy movies/dramas, I really loved this drama as well. Actually my friend passed me this way back at end of 2009 but finally I decided to watch it (Like how stupid of me)

Well I just have to say that no matter what, be it period-era drama, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy anything British is always so interesting! Well I might be biased saying that, but it’s true!



  1. I started watching Merlin last year and I hated waiting for the next episodes to come out. It's a really great series and good storyline. I think Arthur is cute. :] I can't wait to watch season 3, gotta find it online!Love your drama list! 😀

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