Iryu 3 vs Code Blue 2

Hmmm personally I prefer Iryu3 to Code Blue2. And no I’m not being Teppei biased. I mean Code Blue has Yamapi too and as you know, I love Brother Yamapi as much as Husband Teppei. And moreoever, since Teppei is made to look nerdy, it makes Aizawa Sensei is way hotter than Ijyuin Sensei. (Don’t cry Teppei, life’s liddat)

But then Code Blue 2 was very very serious based and my attention span for serious dramas is very short. As for Iryu 3, maybe I think the music and the direction is all so suspensing(though probably a clever divertion from the dragginess) so maybe that is why I find it more 面白い!

And besides the catchy tunes, they have visual animated diagrams while they are explaining the medical procedures. So instead of just hearing them describe the procedure, having see an animation with voiceover about the procedure, is so much more helpful to understand (for stupid ppl like me who fail in bio la)

And talking about Teppei,

Lol I like Teppei with the doggie, because the doggie is so cute! And the cat looks so pissed about something sia, like “I asked to be photographed with Yamapi not Teppei”. Hahaha! Finally the next Japanese drama I’d be watching is Nakama Yukie’s Utsukushii Rinjin. Can’t wait to watch it 😀

Oh today had to “Re-spy” on the same two places. The first place I went to, a different guy served me and he “passed” But wth la, the manager damn attitude. He was pissed off about something and he was showing that attitude to me when I needed him to fill out some questions. Like wth man. I wished they weren’t given a second chance. Hmph. And the second place sway sway the same girl served me again and though they were given a second chance, she failed again. Lol.


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