Only nice children get rewarded

So, today regarding my “spy” job, both places were unsuccessful lor. Wth waste my energy carrying the rewards “to and fro” plus now so mahfan now must arrange for the delivery service to come pick up the “unsuccessful rewards”

Frankly speaking, in a way I’m glad the second store did not get “Rewarded” because while waiting for my order, there was this businessmen(I assume since he came along with a few other men who were professionally dressed too) who could only speak Chinese( I know from China because of the accent) and couldn’t speak English. Like when the lady asked “Meal?”, he just nodded his head and went “Shi Shi”

So anyway, while he was attempting to pay with his credit card(LOL! Credit card at a fastfood outlet, so cute!) he had some problems and instead of helping or showing him, the saleslady started making annoyed faces to her friend beside her and her friend also started rolling eyes. I was like wth man! Such bad attitude! With such attitude towards their work, no wonder they weren’t sincere enough to say the right thing and get rewarded!

Oh btw both the salesperson were not AMs themselves, and yet they so attitude. Unlike yesterday the second place I went too was an AM girl and she was super nice and friendly and we joked and chatted for awhile after I revealed being a spy. Hmph only nice people get rewarded.


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