Recently there was a magazine poll about the most liked and disliked Japanese Female celebrities for 2011.

Top 5 disliked Female celebrities

No 5: Becky

Ehhh why people don’t like becky? Why why? She’s okay what. Vocal and cute!

No 4: Ueno Juri

Another ehhhh? But I heard apprantly her personality was kinda sucky, but I have to say that’s she’s one brilliant actress though!

No 3: Komukai Minako

Apparantly she is some stripper / actress that I dont give a damn about.

No 2: Saeko

Wow people hate Saeko too??? I knew her from Dragon Zakura and I find her kawaii. Oh well I just don’t know the story behind her being hated.

No 1: Sawajiri Erika

I am definitely not surprised about this one. She is one bad-ass with never ending scandals surrounding her.

Top 2 liked Japanese Female Celebrities:
(I wanted to do top 5 but since No 5-3 were members from AKB48 which I clearly have no interest in and thus have no idea about, so I will talk about the top two instead.)

No 2: Sasaki Nozomi

Wow so Teppei got to ‘marry’ (in Propose Kyodai) one of the popular girls in Japan. Not bad ar. Hahaha. Oh I know someone who likes her too. He has like some weird obsession with gravure models. (‘~’)

No 1: Ayase Haruka

Can understand la, she has this innocent face and good personality and most of all an excellent actress.

Anyway just found out that Kenichi Matsuyama (the guy who stars as L in death note) and Koyuki got married last month! I knew Kenichi was my age but I knew Koyuki definitely has to be way older because I saw her in Mukodono and Kimi wa Petto which were like 2001 dramas? True enough she’s 8 years older than him. Ahhahaha how cool.


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