Nodame Cantabile – The movie

The King’s Speech

Along with the black swan, I’ve heard so much of positive reviews about this movie. Another movie on my “must-watch” movie. Indeed, this movie was brilliant. Brillantly potrays the relationship between the King and his speech therapist. I really really loved the movie and the personal story of late King George VI!! Haha. I thought the King’s thoughts, emotions were fantastically portrayed. And as the poster says, it’s a defintite must-see!

Also watched Propose Kyodai finish and rewatched the Teppei one as well. Oh this time the witch had a better reaction to Teppei. She seemed to be enjoying it and found it especially hilarious when Teppei dressed up as a girl. -_-

Already watched Part 1 in the cinema in Japan, in 2009, but ofc it didn’t have Eng Subs and since I watched it long time ago and plus it’s a funny movie, decided to rewatch it again. And as for Part 2, I’ve been dying to watch it for over a year and yes, finally!

Random Tamaki Hiroshi screenshots

Chiaki-Nodame Moments

Random Wentz Screenshot

Becky and Wentz

Oh I thought the Chiaki and Nodame playing the piano was very nice. Oh how I wish I can play the piano with my boyfriend too. Sadly, I can’t play the piano ヽ(;´д`)ノ


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