Code Blue and We Got Married

Completed watching Code Blue Season 2. Like Code Blue Season 1, it was a very serious themed drama. I thought I watched Code Blue Season 1 last year, but infact I actually watched it in 2008! Oh my! No wonder I could hardly remember what happened in Season 1.

I thought I didn’t watch the SP, because when they “flashed back” I didn’t recall seeing some of the things, but apparantly I blogged in beginning of 2009 about watching the SP, so yep I did -_- What such bad memory I have.

Well for one, Yamapi’s hairstyle has definietly “improved” from Season 1! Haha I know, for some reason, I don’t like guys with curly or wavy hair.

In both seasons, I loved the Aizawa-Obachan relationship.

Oh and I love Yamapi-kid interaction too.

And finally where can I need Aizawa Sensei too.

So I’ve watched every single Yamapi drama from 2002 till date. Difficult to get hold of pre2002 dramas esp with eng subs. I did watch P.P.O.I and IWGP though. Yamapi, you gotta star in more dramas and movies (*´д`*)

Oh and Teppei has a new movie of his called Salaryman Neo is coming up!

I recently “discovered” Kim Hyun joong. Well I probably heard of him and seen pictures of him but never really knew he was so “my-type cute”

It is from a drama called Playful Kiss, which after reading the synopsis and Ms Pinky pointing out, actually the remake of the Japanese Drama Itzura Na Kiss. I already read the manga ages ago before and also watched the Taiwanese version(It started with a Kiss) like years ago, so I don’t think I would be watching that drama. So sista recommened me another show of his to watch which was We Got Married.

We Got Married is about two celebrites having to act like married couple and do things together. His pair was a much older woman, Hwang Bo and damn funny and cute la the both of them. But soo sad cos I thought I found a Veoh site which had all the episodes but they only have the first few until episode 12 (._.) If you know anywhere else I can get hold of the full Season 1 of We Got Married with Eng Subs please tell me.


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