When too much gets annoying!

These few days if you turn on the tv, there is constant coverage of the royal wedding that’s taking place tomorrow. So much coverage, it’s getting frigging annoying. Like every channel is airing some “royal wedding” themed show. Urgh. Don’t they know too much is too annoying? They have killed all excitement I had initially about the Royal Wedding! >:(

If that’s not bad, Justin Bieber is in Australia for his tour. So if they are not showing anything about the royal wedding, they are showing/talking about something Justin Bieber related. URGHH getting so annoyed to even turn on the tv ヽ(`д´)ノ

I just found out that Katy Perry is also in Australia. Might I say there’s hardly any coverage on that. Yes I am biased but still hello?!? Katy Perry’s awesome..to me at least!


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