Oh finally I took a photo of the ambulance looking ice-cream truck. Sorry I had to zoom from where I was standing thus the crappy quality. Ahaha.

Oh yesterday attempted to make “Doggie cookie”. Added in milo, flour, butter for dough. Chocolate chips for eyes and Milo Cereal for ears(yes here the milo cereal is not round but “Koko-Krunch shaped) I should have added chocolate chips in the dough as well because it wasn’t sweet since I did not add any sugar. But it was still edible 😀

Today I went to get a new T-shirt for Kiku as the poor boy teddy has only 1 pathetic shirt, that I have to rewash every week and wear for him. But as you know, as always, I ended up shopping more than instead -_-

Well it was on sale and I needed a mug, moreover it was microwave safe 😀

I actually bought this beanie for Kiku but I realized it was too small and didn’t fit him. Oh well 😦 Luckily it only costed 50cents ahahaha.

Some cheap scented candles from Ikea.

A t-shirt and a cropped top from Esprit.

Finally found a cheap jelly mold. I make jellies alot and I was looking around for multi-jelly mold thingy but they were usually very expensive. Finally found this plastic jelly mold for only $2!!

Tops from Sportsgirl and Topgirl


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