Chinese lessons in Kindergarden

My mom made me take Chinese as a second language in Kindergarden because neither of them could read and write Tamil as they learnt English and Malay in school. The thing is, no one in my house knew Chinese either, so they couldn’t help me with my hw. I always end up not doing my hw and always got punished by the teacher and started despising her lessons. So much so that, I always “run and hide around school” when I knew it was her lesson.

My “hiding” was always a failed attempt. Because I was quite stupid also la. Like once I hid behind the whiteboard with my legs showing thinking she wouldn’t find me. But within minutes, she came behind the whiteboard and pull me out and I was all like “Omg how did she know :O” Haha! In the end, I was kicked out of Chinese class and everytime it was Chinese lesson, I was sent to the Principal’s office and was “personally taken care” by the principal HAHAHA.

So eventually, my mom thought that since I hated Chinese lessons so much, she made me take Tamil as a second language from Primary school onwards instead. I went for Tamil tuition all primary and secondary school life. Tamil teachers hated me to the core for the very fact I couldn’t speak Tamil and scored atrocious marks.


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