Oh forgot blog about my potato story

So on Sunday, I put some potatoes to boil and my mom called me. Then we chatted away and I totally forgot about the potatoes and went on to do my own things. Then, I started thinking about food and I remembered the potatoes I had put to boil and I was like OMG!

I rushed to the kitchen. The water had all evaporated. The pot was burning with soot. The potatoes were all black and burnt. The whole kitchen smelt like burnt. Thank goodness, nothing happened! I just may have unintentionally set someone’s house on fire. Oh well, I am such a cooking disaster.

Yesterday I did my best to refrain myself from shopping but couldn’t help when I saw an accessories shop that had 3 for $10 sale! Accessories here are usually very expensive here and the only time it’s worth buying when they have these 3 or 4 for $10 sale.

I bought a headband and 2 necklaces. They had so many other gorgeous items and I was tempted to buy them all but I had to limit myself since I am practically broke. My favorite of the 3 has to be the headband because it had “pearl” and shiny stones and the price of the headband itself is $23!! And the 3 accessories would have been a total of $60 but ofc I just paid $10. What a great buy! I would have bought more only if I had the money. Haiz…


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