Don’t you hate it when old ladies push you?

I get so annoyed when old ladies push me and even worse, they never bother to even mutter a sorry. Seriously you have lived for over 70 years so where is your frigging manners? Just cos you are “older than us all” doesn’t give you the rights to push us and cut our queues. Just cos we don’t “retaliate” doesn’t mean you have the authority to constantly do that. If you think if we stay silent because we are “respecting the old” , let me tell you, no. Or at least definitely not from me.

When I see you, I have not even 1% of respect for you. All I think is “rude old bitch”. Oh yes, I would so love to push you back. But I do not because, I was told that “old people are very fragile so if you even gently push them and they fall down, they could hurt their bones and I could be in deep trouble and even sued for it.”

If I get pushed by anyone besides an old lady, oh you are in for it. When I was younger, I used to shout back. But then now that I realized it is such an “undignified” approach, I decided to use other approaches. I either push them back. Or my favorite is to step on their slippers until they stumble. Or if they are wearing shoes, I just kick their exposed heel really hard and make it look like it was an “unpreventable accident”

It is 99% more successful than “shouting back” of course. Moreover you can see “guilt” written all over their face. They usually have no cheek to fight back or say anything back because they know they were the ones that were at fault, since they pushed. And not to mention, the satisfaction I get from “punishing them” haha


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