Day 74 – How are the people in your neighbourhood like?

Hmmm okay I shall talk about the neigbourhood at the current place I live at. There are really some interesting neighbours around.

Neighbor #1:
There is this girl around the same age as me, who always run around in her towel. I have seen her a couple of times running with her towel from the garage into her house. Lol seriously what is she really doing..hmmmm

Neighbor #2:
And there is always an ambulance outside this old lady’s house who lives alone. I wonder why. She seems all healthy to me!

Neighbor #3:
There is this super friendly guy who brings his dog for walk, no matter rain or shine twice a day without fail. He’s so friendly and he never fails to greet and make small talk.

Neighbor #4:
And there is this guy who always hits on me. The worst bit, I have to pass by his house to get to the bus-stop. It is always so spooky when out of nowhere he just goes “Hey lovely, isn’t it such a fine day?”

Neighbor #5:
And then another house where the owner of the house is forever yelling at someone to get out. You can hear her yelling and fighting with people in mid of the night. She must have some serious issues.

Neighbor #6:
One of the houses has these really really cute guy that lives there and even his friends are cute too. I always like to peek at he and his friends “hanging out” at his house. They are so cute. Oh and during summer they hang out shirtless, like omg cute+hot!

Neighbor #7:
And finally there is a set of kids. You can always hear and see them playing and I always hear the a brother calling his 4 year old sister “Mommy” and I find it weird especially when he whines “No mommy, don’t do that!” I knew they live with a single parent- their dad and I thought the boy was role-playing with his sister to “fill in the missing mom position” but turns out his sister name is “Mah Ming” not “Mommy”. Well it sounds mommy to me!


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