Kimi Hannin janai yo ne

I’ve to say because I watched Unubore Deka just months before this, I find it repetitive. Actually Kimi Hannin janai yo ne was released 2 years before Unubore Deka, so it was more “original” but nevertheless I watched Unubore Deka before this. In both shows the detective character falls in love with the murderer. Like every episode you know who the murderer is because of that. Like not fun to me lah. Hello keep it mystery lah!

Also another thing about this show, it is like you can predict most of the “mysteries” as well. Like I knew how the murder was done in most episodes. So that was another reason that it wasn’t really that exciting to watch

I still pick Unubore Deka over this show because it has Ikuta Toma AND Tomoya Nagase. Like omg. How can THAT be boring! And Tomoya Nagase was sooo funny la!! Especially that face he makes when he cries everytime a culprit chooses to go to jail than marry him. Oh and ironically the main character of KHJNYN also stars in Unubore Deka haha..


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