Day 65 – Have you ever rejected someone that liked you? Why?

Yes, my whole life, EVERY guy who say they like me are a frigging pervert or a plain weirdo. If they are not a weirdo, they are defintely a pervert. Seriously. Every SINGLE one. Yes I’ve rejected them all and I don’t think they even care anyway! I bet they wake up the next day “to terrorise” another poor girl.

But when I was like 13, there was this guy who was like 16 and dropped out of secondary school, that liked me. And when a mutual friend said he liked me infront of both of us. The first thing I insensitively said was “Eeee He so stupid. He never even complete secondary school.” (pointing in his face somemore. LOL! I so bitchy and evil then sia. But I hated boys too.)

I bet he remembered and hated me for the rest of his life. I never seen him since but recently I heard that HE BECAME A DOCTOR. Like wtf how did that happen? How the hell did a secondary school dropout become a doctor? Lol, if he actually studied hard to become a doctor to rub in my face, I somehow feel honored instead. HAHAHA.


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