Today I got to travel around free courtesy of a kind stranger!

Usually most people have to buy daily ticket if they go to school, work etc because they dun have a “per trip ticket” here. The daily ticket is valid for use for a whole day, aka you can travel around the whole day. Well each ticket is $4.80

Sometimes people who get off the bus, start asking, “Anyone needs a ticket” simply because they do not need it anymore. Before they throw it away, they actually ask people if they want it! You don’t have to pay them and they just pass you their ticket, probably to them it is “better than throwing it away” Usually most of the time, I already purchased a daily ticket, so when they ask, I don’t need it too.

Today I was at the bus-stop waiting to go market and a random stranger came up to me and asked me if I wanted the ticket and I was like “OMG THANK YOU!” So grateful to him!!


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