I tell you ar they are taking their ah-ma ah-pa ah-gong time to finalize my visa so I can leave the country legally. Like wth, I want to go back work already sia! I want money so that I can get a new phone, camera, wii, dye my hair, rebond my hair, get acryllic nails, start a kimmidoll collection and do buy/do alot of other stuff I can’t recall right now. So anyway to “entertain my stay here” today I went to a handicraft shop and bought:

Two cross stiching sets and a 1000 piece jigsaw parcel. I also bought a bear-bear keychain and lavendar scented candles cos they were cheap.

And a GUESS bag I bought over the weekend. Btw the bag is not pink. My camera is so crappy it screws up the color too -_-

And some skirt I bought beause it was cheap.. haha..

I kept seeing dead birds everywhere today!! I saw like 7-8 dead birds at different locations. What’s happening to them? I wanted to stop and take pictures but always got ppl around me and I dun want them to think I am some sadist that take dead animal pictures.

Edit: Omg apparantly crossing dead birds is bad luck and I crossed them all today… NOOOOOOOOOO I dun want more bad luck ;(


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