Have you heard of Kimmidoll?

I’m so facinated with Kimmidoll and even want to start a Kimmidoll collection but each Kimmidoll ranges from $10 up to $100+. I bought Yuki(luck) keychain 2 years ago for about $10 and she’s been hanging on my frequently used Country Road bag until now she looks kena sai.. Lol!

So anyway, yesterday I passed by a shop that had closing down sale. Well most of the shelves were empty already and those left were the boring stuff, though they were really cheap! So anyway I saw kimmidoll collections on one of the shelves.They were all for $2 only lah! Like OMG! There were only 3 items left and I grabbed them all!

But so sad, if I stumbled across the store earlier, I might have bought the nicer kimmidolls! Haha!

Check out http://www.kimmidoll.com if you are interested.


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