Koike Teppei’s Propose Kyodai Episode

After Sista mentioned to me about watching Propose Kyodai and I decided to watch it too and knowing each episode was about each brother, I just skipped the first one lah ehhh cos the actor and actress not good looking lei. I skipped to the second episode which was about Teppei 😀

Yay but what’s up with Teppei always appearing as girl in his dramas .___.

It was ok-ok only la. It was only worth watching because of Teppei. I think I would probably watch the 3rd one because of Aoi Nakamura

and the 4th one as well because of Becky.

But why they never pair becky and Teppei. ;( At least I could have saved myself from watching an extra episode right 😡

Edit: YAY uchida0hige has tweeted that he’s safe!



  1. Is that really true? I really hope so, but I couldnt find something about uchida0hige – his Twitter is cancelled… :((A lot of people are looking for him…

  2. Hello!!!Yes uchida0hige deleted his twitter account after posting 2 tweets. I think he was shocked to suddenly have so many followers and so many people tweeting him.U.Bin has left a comment on my previous entry here with screenshots uchida0hige took before he deleted his twitter account.This is the screenshot U.Bin took:http://i52.tinypic.com/29vffpf.pngAnd there's another tweet uchida0hige posted before he deleted his account which was something like, "I really thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. However, this will be my last tweet as I am deleting my twitter. Once again, thank you very much"

  3. Hi Princess :)Many thanks for the information! In Germany the history of Uchida came even on television.If you can still establish contact it would be very nice if you can wish him and his father once more all the best.Again thank you very much!

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