Uchida’s status

One of uchida0hige’s friend also tweeted about the tsunami being knee deep and she thinks she will probably die and her final tweet asking for help. Then rumors starting spreading around that she was safe so I tweeted her in Japanese saying “こんにちは!あなたは私のことを知らないけどあなたの無事を確認できれば嬉しい。ー オーストラリアから (Hello. You don’t know me, but I would be glad if you got resuced safely. – From Australia)

Then a random Japanese tweeted me back:

It’s obvious the person used a translator and translate to tweet me(But it was still nice of the stranger.) So I decided to ask the person if he/she knew anything about uchida0hige in Japanese hoping he would reply in Japanese this time, because really translators cannot be trusted! But yet the person used translator again to reply me -_-

It’s so jumbled up and I think I would be rude if I replied the person saying I don’t understand. Anyway I am interpreting as uchida0hige is well and alive? 😀

Though alot of people are still posting that his status is yet unknown… Hmmmm

EDIT: Uchida0hige is well and alive. He has tweeted his safety before deleting his twitter account. Please read the comments below. Thank you.



  1. doesnt she try to say like: (ok really changed the sentence now but it will be like that..I guess?)Please wait (pray?) together until that time when his safety got confirmed.I guess she meant it like this ..? but thats why normally I ask in that persons' language so they dont use weird english for the reply, then I just need to find a japanese /korean/ whatever-language friend and ask for a translation haha : )but as I understand for now the moyaging friend is safed, but I will wait for her/his(?) next tweet to believe it myself .

  2. Hello there,I think now that you pointed it out, you are right. I think what this person meant to say was:"We would be happy together if his safety got confirmed" which would make sense since uchida0hige's status is still unknown.As for moyaging, I think it was her relative that tweeted she was safely rescued. But I suppose have to wait for her tweet 😀

  3. both of them have tweeted already, but Uchida0hige has deleted his account right afterI have made screencaps from both their messages (just for keeping them if they will delete their accounts lol and one of them did. lol)Uchida0hige:http://i52.tinypic.com/29vffpf.pngご心配おかけして本当に失礼しました。私は無事です。電気も電話も公衆電話も繋がんなくて、しばらく音信不通になってしまいました。ご心配おかけして本当に失礼しました。震災で亡くなられた方のご冥福をお祈りします。14 minutes agoMoyaging:http://i52.tinypic.com/168v1fk.jpg# うちの自宅周り電波が入らないんで(ソフトバンクめ…)全然つぶやけませんが、無事っす!ありがとうございます。お友達の皆さんにも余裕ができたら連絡します。 8 minutes ago# 車と会社は津波に持ってかれましたケドね…フヒヒ… 12 minutes ago# ウオー!生きてるぜー!!!!!!! 12 minutes ago

  4. Hello U.Bin,Thanks for sharing your screenshots! I saw Uchida0hige's tweets in time before he deleted his account too! But unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to take screenshots.. haha!

  5. This is funny as I'm from Germany either, hahaall the Germans seem to care about Uchida (seems so lol)well I can explain it on German for Mel : )Uchida hatte sich vor 2 Tagen auf Twitter gemeldet, dass es ihm gut geht und es ihm leid tut, dass er allen Menschen solche Sorgen bereitet hat.Er ist in Sicherheit und sonst nur noch Danke für die ganzen Nachrichten und so.aber kurz danach hatte er seinen Account gelöscht, denke Mal weil er aufeinmal über 13.000 followers hatte, war ihm wohl zu viel, dass alle Leute aufeinmal seine Twitter Nachrichten lesen .haha =)PS:that Video from RTL is already kinda "old" so thats why its still saying that they cant reach/contact Uchida anymore since his last Post on March 11th. haha =)

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