Identity Crisis?

And I dunno why but ALOT of people has came up to me and asked me if I was Mauritian and not to mention, there is this irritating mauritian guy who is trying to woo me.

Stranger: Oh so are you from Mauritius?
Me: Err no I’m from Singapore
Stranger: Oh really….Ahh but you don’t look Singaporean
Me: Ohhh my grandparents are from Sri Lanka?
Stranger: Ahh that explains!


Stranger: Are you Mauritian?
Me: Err no, Ceylonese?
Stranger: Ahh Sri Lanka is such a beautiful place. I once went to your country in……..
Me: Err… I’m not from Sri Lanka….

Wahliew eh, if I tell them I Singaporean they say I don’t look Singaporean. And if I tell them I am Ceylonese, they assume I’m born in Sri Lanka. In any case, I feel like an “unclassified species” in this country -_-

At least in Singapore it’s so straightforward:

They: You malay or indian?
Me: I’m Ceylonese
They: Dun bluff la. Got no such thing.
Me: *takes out IC* See yourself la
They: *gives the “woah got race called Ceylonese also ar” face*


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