I don’t understand why people like to carry fake branded bags

Oh you know last year when I went back Sg, I was shocked that ALOT of people were carrying OBVIOUSLY fake branded bags like some kinda trend or something. But I don’t understand why would people wanna “show off” their fake branded bag?

Issit because they wan ppl to think they are “rich enough to own a Gucci”? But it’s obviously fake, so people know it’s not real and people know that you can’t afford one since you resort to carrying a fake, so now what’s your point really?

It’s million times more awesome to carry a obiyang/no brand handbag than a fake handbag. So either get the real thing or forget it instead of making a fool out of yourself carrying a fake!

P.S Okay lah can’t blame you if you got it as a present and think it’s the real deal and carry it around.


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