Jae Joong with Yamapi, Teppei Koike, Kusano and Shirota Yuu

Oh apparantly there’s this photo that Jae Joong posted up with his Japan celebrity friends that has gotten people guessing the identity of the Japanese in the photo (Obviously because it was taken by a very bad photographer like me.)

So anyway the only person I can confirm the identity of the mr blue shirt aka Yamapi. There’s no doubt about it. The guy in black with ponytail looks very much like Kusano (though you can’t see the face so I dunno). The guy in white looks very much like Teppei Koike to me (but those eyes are freaking me out). The guy behind Yamapi looks like Shirota Yuu (though if you stare longer it doesn’t look like him, so I dunno)

I just want to say finally, I love the way Teppei (or the guy who very much resembles Teppei) is clinging onto Yamapi. And look at all their drunk faces with “Zombie” eyes. HAHA!


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