Doraemon – So nostalgic!

Kids these days are so freaking lucky! They have so many varities of kids programs and cartoons to watch!! When I was a kid, there were hardly any kids show on TV. Well there was NO such thing as cable TV, and free-to-air TV only aired 1 hour of kids show a day!! So we didn’t have much of a choice.

So every weekend mornings, I would watch Aiyo-yo laoshi and Doraemon in Chinese. I hardly even knew chinese then but I did not have much of a choice did I? Anyway, yes so my obsession with Doraemon started at a very young age.

Yesterday I watched Doraemon in Japanese and YAY I totally understood the whole show (obviously there’s no subs) Haha then I got reminded how nostalgic it was to watch Doraemon and I suppose I will never stop enjoying watching Doraemon. Haha.


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