Day 1 – Favourite Movie

Anjali is a 1990 tamil movie. I can never get sick of the movie. Well very briefly, Anjali revolves around a 2 years old girl called Anjali who is autistic and pretty much dying.

The reasons I may have liked the movie when I was 5 and the reasons that I like the movie now has defintely changed.When I was younger, I loved it simply because it was like a kids movie. Kids Up to mischeif. Catchy songs and fun. etc etc. That’s about it.

Well I do like the movie now for those aspects but additionally for much more various reasons too. The issues it dealt with: Discrimination, social acceptance, autism, dealing with death, sibling rivalry, innocence etc etc which ironically I did not spot when I was a kid.

If you have not watched the movie, seriously try to get your hands on the movie and watch it. Well it may have its flaws but nevertheless, it is a definte must watch.


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