You dyed my hair invisible color issit?

Ok I am pissed sia. I purchased this dye and cut hair voucher last year because it was at an unbelievable rate. Only today I finally had a chance to do it though. So, I wanted a blonde-brown color like I always wanted and I told her that and she said it was impossible (which is odd because I know that is the brightest shade that can be dyed with my black hair without bleaching)

So I asked her which would be the color I can get and she suggested this darker brown which seems alright and I agreed and blah blah and once she washed and blow dried my hair, I realized my color cannot be seen.

Then she was like “The color is so beautiful” And I was like wth is she talking about sia, I don;t see anything. Then she said, oh lemme bring you to the light and show u and I was uhhh looks black and then she brought me out her salon and said, look now. I was like wtf, if you dye my hair, I should be able to see abit indoors right? You bring me all the way out also I still cannot see anything!

So freaking pissed off that the color she “dyed” makes no difference because my hair still looks black. What a waste of time and my money!! SO PISSSEED!!

This entry is backdated


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