Long time no post about my BUYS :D

Burberry Inspired Jacket

This super stylish and super comfy Burberry inspired winter coat was like only $18!!!! I HAD to buy it, though it is summer now and I won’t even be around for winter -_-

Charles and Keith shoes

Actually I dun even wear this kinda shoes. But nevertheless it was like super cheap. So I bought it anyway. HAHAHA.

Country Road Jeans

Branded Jeans at a super cheap price definite must buy. Haha.

Jacqui-E Top

This has to be my MOST favorite buy. It’s a $60 top marked down all the way till $4 LIKE WTF right? And you know the best bit? When I went to pay the saleslady asked me where I got the blouse from and I pointed to the rack with assorted clothes and she said:

“Last Friday I kept this aside for me personally and someone kept it back. I was searching all around for it but I couldn’t find it back.” and she paused probably hoping for me to tell her she can have it. Blah no sympathy lady. I found it so it’s my lucky day 😀

Zara Blazer

Another one of my OMIGAWDWHYSOCHEAP buys. Personally, I don’t even think there would be a time where I would need to be to wearing it. Secondly, it’s wool and wool itches me. And thirdly I think its not even my size HAHAHA.

Espirit Top

Another one I would never wear. Again I bought it cos it was plain cheap.

H&M Pleated Skirt

This was like the only H&M stuff I could find hahaha.. well again lucky me cos it was hidden in another section. (Probably some other salesgirl trying to hide for themselves or smthin)


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