Got a couple of photos so I decided to post them here

Lol Suntec Cinema. Did not have anyone at all except us. We went to watch Soul to Take.

Big Breakfast. Actually the only reason I buy big breakfast is cos I love the Sausage..haha.. nvm la got Milo somemore. I love the muffin bread too! Somehow I’m sick and tired of hashbrowns. Actually I quite stupid, should have just bought the sausage mcmuffin meal right -_-.

WAHHAHAHAAHA This totally made my day man!!!! The bag I’ve been eying on! The most wonderful present of the year. Truly appreciated. YAY!

I dun have the habit of using planner/diary anymore. I had a Guess planner last yer and I think I only used it for the month of January and never touched it. I hope I would use this more esp since I’m so forgetful and moreoever it is not that bulky as well!

Lol fake Rilakkuma folder. I just couldn’t resist myself even though it is so obviously fake, who cares, it is soooo kawaiii!!!!


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