I almost lost my itouch

So today while shopping, went to the toilet and I had to take my itouch off my jeans because it was falling and I din want it to fall into the toilet bowl obviously. So I took it out and placed it on top of that toilet roll holder.

Guess what, I totally forgot about it. Just grabbed my bag and walked out. A good 5 minutes later I wanted to hear music and then I realized I had left it in the public toilet. I was praying like crazy that no one took it.

I was running back to the toilet like crazy in my boots -_- and passerbys were looking at me. One guy even cheered and whistled. Oh how embarrassing!!

75% of me was telling that cos of the sway streak when I reached there I would be horrified that it was gone. Which was why I was praying harder and God helped me like always. Anyway I reached the stall and to my pleasure, IT WAS THERE. Gosh. What a scare.


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