14 sai no Haha and 1 liter of tears

Unfortunately I am not one of those who enjoyed 14 Sai no Haha. It is defintely not my drama type, so hence why I got easily bored and restless. I mean Mirai Shida did an excellent job but I just found it too emo and kinda draggy actually..

But then again, the all famous One liter of Tears who has proven to move everyone who watched it to tears, did not have any effect on me. I think I just can’t concentrate when a drama is too emo. I get distracted/bored and start multi-tasking etc, so hence I don’t really “connect” with the show and it end up having no effect on me 😦

Though I have to say at least I enjoyed 1 liter of tears more than 14 sai no haha because since it was based on a true story, I was so in awe and respect of Aya Kito


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