I need to learn to keep my hands still!

Ok yesterday I followed DH and JC to the Malaya cafe to buy food la. Then we were at the back of the restaurant waiting for the takeway they ordered. So I was standing infront of the toilet and I saw two switches and I went “Cool, do they work” and I started switching on-and off the switch until JC was like “They are the toilet switch and I think someone’s inside” and DH was like “YEah this guy went in and he hasnt come out yet” and I was like “Omg I din knw anyone was inside. I will stop.” and I stopped.

Then later when we were eating our lunch, DH started laughing and went “Why did you do that to the poor guy?” and I was like “I am sorry i din know there was anyone inside so I was playing with it” and he went “No, when you stopped, you did not switch the lights back on, the place there is pitch-black. And he went in for a long time, so he is probably taking a dump or something and you off the lights and never switched it back on?”

I am so sorry to the guy in the toilet who was shitting and the lights had to come off and on during ur business and stayed off. HAHA


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