Anyway u know i have bad memory right, so I was trying to find a particular entry and went through my older entries like 3-4 years back and then I came across one, that I couldn’t stop laughing at the fact on how lame I could have gotten when I am angry…

I hate liars. STOP LYING WILL U??? U think I am stupid issit? Keep lying and lying thinking that I am some fool falling for yourself. You are the real fool ok? I am a human liar detector ok? When u lie, my eye starts to twitch bad and I would start to wobble and finally I would do a bangala dance. So u better stop lying cos I know when u do.

Lol!!!! Imagine me doing that everytime someone around me lies.. would be damn hilarious la.. Hahahha think I was really pissed off with the person for lying to me that I had to console myself in such way.. But now that I re-read it, is damn funny la!!!!


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