My future kids

Okkk damn boliao today so I went to some “how my baby will look like” webbie and tried la.. apparantly jus put ur pic + “Father” then see how the baby will possibly look like based on both your features… so like i said i damn bored and boliao so i jus tried it for fun.. come look at my babies… all different “Fathers” rofl… such a slut sia.. but anyway see:

Father: Teppei Koike

Okkk actually not really kawaii lei… even my chullerns more kawaii than the baby…chey tot Teppei so kawaii the baby also will come kawaii like him..guess not nia..

Father: Surya

Omg for some reason I cannot stop laughing whenever I see this child…

Father: Tom Welling

Hmmmm I dun like lei..maybe too angmo-ish already..hahaha

Father: Shige

Omg this kid I want!!! Quite kakoiii…. hahaha.. I went to the news folder only have solo shige pic.. haha dunno why sia.. even yamapi and tegoshi also dun have solo pic … hahah maybe next time i try them…

Father: You know who lor…

OMFG How I wish this is for real???? Like omg if my kid really looks liddat I want it now.. (the kid I mean -_-) Like omg so adorable looking…like even if he mischeivous give that face already my heart will melt.. omg!!!! Hahahhaha but sure our future kid sure come out kena sai one.. haha…

Anyway I know boliao ppl like ahermJorelaherm sure wanna try with her chi-sama… so here is the link, if u all as bored and boliao like me.. It’s all in the fun.. 🙂


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