Thanks to all.. super damn touched

Sorry la… have been to bz to blog cos alot of assignments and all due next week since it is already last 3 weeks of sch now. Anyway I tot die die also must come say this:

MINNA ARIGATO for the video. I super damn touched la.. Then I keep playin it so many time and keep seeing… Miss all u ppl la..

Emokia and all his funny scenarios and gossips
Moon God and all her threatenings to rape people
Retarded boy and all his retarded things he do
Aw lao-shi and his kanji teachings with drama
Gong-kia getting bullied by others
Jingwen and her anime-like doodlings
WKC and his intelligence for the mischeivousness

With regards to the video… really loved it and will treasure it and also A big thanks to all 5 of you:

Emokia thanks for putting the video together… it was very nice and esp the commenttary (i cldn’t stop laughin at the jorel part – “Whatever larh”) and the credits

Moon God thanks for directing and your effort to send me ur wishes in the video and thanks for ur wishes as well nia… and ohmygat ur hair longer liao… super damn nice la..

Aw lao-shi for taking the effornt to send me ur wishes and thanks and btw i realized smthin funny…. u actually wanted to push up ur specs on 1 part even though u not wearing…hahha..

Siao-kia – Thanks so much for taking the effort to send me your wishes… hahahaha u trying to tell ahma, ahpa story issit, anyway u kena cut off half-way liao…damn funny la!!!

Retarded boy – Thanks for ur wishes nia.. why u looked so shy issit.. hahaha but u never change nia, still cannot shutup.. hahaha but damn kawaii lor..

I told Retarded boy when I come back year end maybe, we go Sakae eat ok…Teppei Koike’s treat so no need worry and if anyone cannot make it on the day ar, I tell u, I come ur place and murder u on the spot ar..cos u nt worth living mah.. hahaha…

And other ppl that touched me for my birthday this yr were:

Everyone who rmbered and wished me via facebook and blog or msn.
Cessie, My mom for taking effort send me e-card
Sista for actually sending me a birthday card by post!
My Annei for baking the cake and cooking food for my mini-birthday party
YT who actually surprised me by giving me a birthday card she made.

Ok la i better go off now already…got alot of work do..will properly blog and tell stories again when i have more time… ja ne!


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