I important ok!!!

OMG! OMGG!! OMG!! So relieved man… It’s finally over!!! Hahaha my dreaded week!! Haha I have other assignments but I got Easter break to work on them, so is ok la.. Anyway I din know I such “important” person ok!!!!

Incident 1:

Rmb I didn’t go for the BBQ? Hahaha so when my fren saw me he was like “Why didn’t you come? I was expecting you, you know?” and I was like “But I told you already I worried I got no bus go home!!” and he was like “I dun care, the next time you better come and I’ll drop you off at your place” and I was like “But you live the other end lei, then is like you have to make a whole wasted trip” and he said “Nvm, I don’t mind, but you got no more excuses not to come” and I was Woaahh my presence so important lei!!!!!!

Incident 2:

Then ystd another fren when she saw me she went “HC asked me if I wanted to go for lunch with him, and I told him I was waiting for you and he said Great! She must come along too. I wouldn’t be so bored with her around” and I was 0.o Wow got ppl tink I entertaining lei!!!


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