I bloggin everyday…

A reason to find Srilankan friend – to practise my Yalpana-tamil..haha.. cos all my cousins and relatives here speak Srilankan tamil amg each other although they can speak perfect English… I find it very difficult to understand what they are saying… like ystd when ppl all joke and laugh finish is when I get the jokes.. -_-

Anyway my fren keep pestering me to go for BBQ today, but I have no transport back home(Cos rmb my stupid bus service ends at 7pm and the train station is half hour walk) and he keep pestering me to take Taxi back home after the BBQ… but I scarded lei..cos I never take Taxi here before, and that too at night…so still half decided if I should go for the BBQ…. Haiz stupid transportation problem..make me feel like no life person sia!!

Sian later hve debate and I never even read my article yet..haha.. 15pages sia!

3 more to gain, 5 more to lose


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