another day

While walking, got two figures pass me, arguing and then I realized, wah these two people sound so the familar.. Somemore so the power lei, I wear headphones also still can hear them…. Then the Double J (June+Jorel = Double J) walk pass me also never realize… Nvm myabe they also tot I some “Ah-ma caretaker” so I had to “OI” to call them… then they rushing off to far-east so i say bye… scarly in the end, they run so fast, I stroll to the traffic light, they still waiting for the light… HAHAHA…

Anyway guess what was finally passed to me… HAhahahha this was like suppose to come to me last year ok.. today then pass to me sia… My T-shirt!!! The one on the right is my front view but dunno how rotate…haha
Anyway inspired by my classmate, I also bought 2 japanese books to read (1 storybook with the title “The witch that came from America” and another is Proposal Daisakusen Manga.

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