My Senseis

I missed my bus, so I decided to grab smethin eat since was hungry, so went Subway lor and coincidentally saw my classmate and we decided to seat down eat (dunno meh so free now mah) and we were like talkin abt random stuff and sensei and coincidentally we saw our Sensei and we invited her to join in the convo with us as well.

And then while talkin talkin she was like sayin “Rmb this is not the first time I taught u, I taught you before long ago, that is why when I saw you few weeks back for the first time, I din say “Hajimemashite” (Nice to meet u), I said “Hisashipuri” (Long time no see)” and I was Yaaaa!!!! Hahahaha so sweet sia, she actually remembered me after 1 and half years sia even though she taught me for 2 yrs only…..

I will never forget her and my previous Sensei la.. I must be lucky to keep havin wondering Senseis!!!!


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