Pepper Lunch

Today, after class, I and two of my new classmates went to Pepper Lunch la.. So when we went there, we saw this student meal promo(above pic) and we were like wooahh so wasted we not students, if not it is like half the price only and stuff…
Then one of my classmate damn cute la she, she was like :
“So cheap!!! I say I student but forget bring my card la..ask them if show IC can anot.. Anyway we all look like students mah?” (Her IC is her Pri sch lol)
And she went ahead and ordered so I and the other girl were sayin, sure they wont believe one, we so old already BUT, the next thing we heard the sales lady say “That would be $5.90” and we woahhed at her for being so daring… So then we ordered, we didn’t mention anythin about student meal and ordered regularly but guess what? The saleslady charged us student price also!!! ( cos 3 of us came together mah…)
Then we went back and thanked our classmate if not for her daring attempt, we would not have saved so much cost on our lunch… I tink the saleslady know we not students also, she just close one eye…haha
I promise I blog everyday mah… haha… make sure everyday got a story tell… who cares if u understand or not

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