Lizards and migration

Ewww so gross I hate hate hate hate lizards and guess what I found out, for the past half year, I had been living with one at work. WKC had once mentioned there was a lizard behind the cupboard and when he tried to show me, it just wasn;t there and I tot he was joking as usual. But today when Vin&Song moved the cupboard, there that ugly huge creepy crawler was… eewww ewww eeeewwwwww!!!!

I take back my words, seems this time arnd, the prob doesnt lie with Singtel apparantly and it’s my fon *Rolls eye* Seems I did have auto-roam but it was not detected thanks to the fon settings -_-

Lastly all you ppl askin where I going, you all dounno meh, Feb 13 is my last day in S’pore. On Feb 14 I going Sri Lanka to try to brainwash them into peace, if I fail(without getting killed) or I succeed, I will move to Bangaladash and live with my Bangala friends happily ever after. 😀

46 more days


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