The telemarketer

Don’t you hate random telemarketers that call you… like so annoying lor… So the other day, someone called and my mom passed it to me sayin “Someone want to talk to u” with that pissed off face then I happily took the fon thinking it was SOMEBODY but instead it was a lady with super heavy indian accent speaking English.

Lady: Hello, do you know tamil?
(That is such an insecure question ok!)

Me: (getting paranoid) Why?
Lady: Because I am selling some health supplements
Me: (cuts in) Are you crying?
Lady: No maa’m I am not crying.
Me: Do you have any problem you want to talk to me about?
Lady: Actually maa’m I came from India 2 months ago. I am not used to the food here and I have been falling ill quite often.
(0.o I din know she was really gonna tell me her problems.. rofl)

Me: Ohhhh I see, how about the water?
Lady: The water here is abit different too.
Me: Don’t worry, you will soon get used to it.
Lady: Actually maam, my boss says you might not be interested to get the product, so I think I better go. Bye Ma’am
Me: Bye

Aiya I lazy sub the Teppei magic video la… Hahaha anyway found other videos of him doing magic…damn cute la… I think I know his secret lor… Got one prog the host very cute

Host: I bet you show your tricks to those big boobs woman you wanna impress right
Teppei: No I never. I just practice by myself at home
Host: As if…

Then I saw another 2007 video he’s in an informal talk show with like 4 other girls. The girls seemed ok lei.. They girls weren’t even overreacting or flirting… but some fans just got paranoid and jealous over them. Their comments:

I mean please la… He’s a star so there is no need to get so paranoid and jealous over the girls. And what I disapprove is bashing of someone just because you are jealous of them.. lame right…

Anyway I personally think Teppei’s the one flirting lor… Bring alcohol to set somemore until the main host was like “What are you thinking? You want to get us drunk and do something to us issit?”

Evidence: Caught in the act!
Today he come home, he gonna get it ar!!! Happy right got so many girls, get drunk and flirt on talk show smemore… someee people… *prepares cane*

Anyway the main host was Becky and she’s quite cute. She’s half British and half Japanese. Not sure if there is any offscreen relationship with Becky and Teppei, cos Teppei was like Becky this Becky that and quite close and he spoke Kansai-ben couple of times… 0.o

Anyway back to normal Jap lessons from today onwards, so means more interaction and won’t be so boring anymore.. or at least I hope so.. hahaha that is if all my classmates come la.. they are really cuto wacko ppl… K gtg now, Aw laoshi waiting to teach me Kanji.


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