korean suicides

(Choi Jin Shil, considered one of the best actress, committed suicide in Oct this year, leaving behind 2 very young children)

Korean celebrities find some kinda trends in suiciding issit? Like recently keep reading alot of them suicided… o.O. I dun feel a tiny bit sorry for them(no matter how much depression or hardship they may have gone through), but rather feel even more sad and sorry for the loved ones they left behind…

My mom borrowed this book for me coincidentally and I decided to read it cos if you have no idea, this was the book that they were gonna make into a movie which they were looking the EXTRAS for.. and u know what, even Tegoshi is acting in that movie lei.. like !#*%_(##_(%#)*^%&($).. Life’s not fair man… Anyway, I would say it is nice, it is kinda indept, but if you understand it, it is pretty good story on life.

Nikkei Entertainment Magazine, January 2009 has evaluated and ranked celebrities under the age of 30 based on their drama, movie, CM, CD sales, media exposure etc. Anddd the top 5 are:

#1 Yamashita Tomohisa (84/100 points)

Yay Yamapi my fav bro!!! *Yamapi!!!Yamapi!!!Yamapi!!!Yamapi!!!*

#2 Oguri Shun (76/100 points)

Yay! Oguri Shun, the second Japanese celebrity I knew and liked!!!!!

#3 Three celebs tied for this place (72/100 points)

Lol my Teppei!!!!!!! And Hiroshi Tamaki is also innit.. But I dun like the other guy. I don’t get it why he is suddenly so popular and stuff(and he is ugly) Ugghssz..

So chuwern, papa working hard, so must learn from him oke! He got rewarded for his effort… but atcually I never knew he was this popular 0.o… Omg must protect my husband! They was also another Oricon survey conducted with High School students…so this is more fan based.. and Teppei came in 6th…..Oguri Shun was first… The link is here, if you wana kaypoh see the ranking of others.

Anyway currently I am watching an Aiba Hiroki show and everytime I see Aiba I start laughing funny mah, see our maid act so prince like

Anyway I am gonna go and do subbing(aka add Eng subs) another Teppei video, of him doing magic..haha


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