Stupid ppl lor

Last Sunday was my JLPT and I sure fail my JLPT la.. ppl like me stupid mah… study also no use, stupid mah, so forget… Since school days already liddat, whatever I study, confirm come out for exam one….. But then ppl like me stupid mah, so in the end cannot remember the answer oso, so solely depend on my luck…

I have been surviving on my luck during my Secondary and Poly days… Stupid mah, study also no use, so dun study and depend on my luck solely lor! Surprisingly, I manage to actually scrap through those times, cos lucky mah then…

But then since I left Poly, super down on my luck, the sway streak started and is still ongoing, so cannot depend on luck le… So JLPT also same ting, I studied, in the end come out, what to do? Stupid ppl like me, forget all the answers, depend on luck again lor… but then no more luck le…so in the end depend on luck also no use, end up all answer wrongly… so much for depending on luck when there is none…..

Aiya what to do, life’s liddat…


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