oh life…

Omgg!!!! JLPT is next week *faints* and I am yet to memorize that 600 over Kanjis, the days in order, the dates (and those two are supposedly super basic knowledge -_-) vocab, go thru my grammer again… AHHHHHHH….

So sad, today Ms PYN(She’s Korean) invited us to her grandma’s Korean restaurant… We had always wanted to go there but never did.. hahaha.. I was supposed to be like reach at 11?

But then I had to go ICA first cos my passport expiring rmb(and ya the reason for me nt being able to go to Batam with everyone else and postponing my Japan trip to next yr) Wahliew I was totally shocked when I reached the place la..like super duper packed.. and my queue no had 340 people ahead of me!!!!!!!!! Wahliew I was only served at 12 odd. -_- so in the end could not go meet PYN also…so sad… life’s liddat!


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