Code blue

Just completed watching Code Blue and I can’t stand Yamapi’s hair in that show la… Like hello who was the hair-stylist? Fire them and hire me la.. I style more stylo mylo! Like wthh is this hair or bird’s nest…Ooops

Code Blue took me longer to complete watching because it was more of a serious drama. Whereelse before this Gokusen 3 was easier to watch because it was humorous like the above clip one of the scenes. Gokusen never fails to amuse and entertain me. Even though it is in it’s third season. (You can click on the animated clip to see the 30secs youtube video of that scene, if you care…haha..)

Anyway I updated my Jap blog and also changed the blogskin….wanted to find smthin cuter but no time now la.. maybe the next time will change again and today is the last lesson for my JLPT prep cos in like 9 days is my JLPT already…omg still haven memorize my kanjis


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