Helping smeone

I am a very nice, helpful and good citizen ok! Ystd while walking to my bus-stop at Raffles place…. A lady, in her 50s or so approached me saying that she was lost trying to get across to the next building… she was lost when she took wrong turns at the underpass and ended up at the place I was at.

It was already drizzling and if I did not get to my bus-stop in time, rmb the poor me dun have umbrella? Sure kena drenched la.. But yet I offered to walk her underground and show her the exit to where she was supposed to be. She was sooo touched with my helpfulness, she couldn’t stop thanking me like a million times and blah blah blah…
Point 1 : See people must be a good citizen like me ok? Help the elderly and go beyond what’s needed
Point 2: YES!!!! Usually I am the one getting lost in Singapore and especially underpasses… so much so that famous Mr C once told me that, I shld never never go Japan ALONE to find Hira-chan, cos if I can get lost in Spore, sure kena lost in Japan and a day after I start searching for Hira-chan, ppl have to start sending search parties to search me… But now, I am pro liao.. so IN YOUR FACE..


Ok maybe the real reason I helped her was cos I knew I was gonna get wet and rather take the MRT then take bus, though is cheaper and faster… but at least I helped her ok!!!!!

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