Hardly had the time but yet I managed to find some and finally completed watching Shibatora…

The show’s about Teppei

who was often sexually abused like asked to strip…

or rather forced to….

and because of that he started to have feeling for other guys….

and none for girls…

And he couldn’t handle when random girls made moves on him….

Unfortunatly he was also physically abused by other girls who knew his “secret”

He finally decides to go for a Sex change….








Anyway Teppei is soo Kawaii in the show and for some reason, in this show he reminded me more of my cousin aka the Teppei Lookalike…hmmmmm….

Esp this weird smile…reminds me of him…

An Angry Teppei…

must be heard the news that his daughter called someone else papa *ahermJorelaherm*

A disappointed Teppei…

must be he see the schedule and realize he can’t come back to me anytime soon la!

A happy Teppei

must be thinking about me la..

A scarded Teppei

Someone must have told him the truth… he can’t come home to me yet….*boo hoo hoo*..

Acting cool

For some reason, it so reminded me of Yamapi… I think it is the dress-style..
Acting Tough

Oh ya in that show he was pretty good with his reflexes.. so the fighting scenes was woahh…
Shinigami Eyes
He had the power to forsee death…. next on the list is OMG! YOU!

A happy-go-lucky couple

Oh and finally I was wondering why this lady looked soo familiar and I rmbered.. she is my “big boobs” nannny!!!!

THE END… This entry are random screenshots of the drama Shibatora… to know what it is about…go dramawiki and read la!


  1. Hey babes, i like the fake story line alot..sounds doubt with the way ur hero looks, the end migth actually come true in the future..sucha pretty looking fella

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